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In The Air Equipe

The 2 co-founders of In The Air, Clement Kerstenne and Philippe Bougard, have been performing magic shows for over 15 years. These two  friends and passionate magicians first achieved success in the magical world by creating tricks for other magicians and presenting their concepts at conferences across Europe.

While finishing their studies, Clement and Philippe founded the company In The Air in 2012, specialising in promotional magic and entertainment services.

In The Air Equipe
Born in a dorm room, In The Air quickly gained international fame thanks to its innovative concepts. Including technologies and using the impact of magic to convey precise messages, In The Air manages to work for world-class brands as well as for the Belgian royal family. At In The Air, we are convinced that a human-sized structure can stand out by offering exceptional projects and collaborating with major players. In a few years, In The Air became the number 1 magic company in Belgium thanks to a talented and effective team.
In The Air Equipe
In The Air’s creative team is made up of engineers, graphic designers, entrepreneurs and of course professional magicians. These magicians have various profiles but share the common values ​​of offering high-end and innovative services. Their daily lives are punctuated by the creation of tailor-made shows to sastify and meet the requirements of international customers.
Drawing on their experience, Clement Kerstenne and Philippe Bougard created a second company in 2018, LEVITA, developing a unique technology that enables outstandind art pieces or commercial products to levitate. This technology is a real piece of art and an extraordinary marketing tool that brings real added value to the objects on display by enhancing them. In just a few months, LEVITA achieved international success by installing this technology in New York, Tokyo, Shanghai and Geneva.

Our 2 companies, In The Air and LEVITA, aim to offer concepts and services combining innovation, impact and quality.

Clement Kerstenne & Philippe Bougard / Co-founders